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How to Create Your Environmental Engineer Resume
Here are some resume tips to help recent college graduates get a job as an environmental engineer.

If you’re applying for a job as an environmental engineer, it’s important that certain things are placed on your resume.

Lead in strong on your resume by first articulating to the company what you can do for them. This can be done a number of different ways. For example, you could include a professional summary that does these three things:

  • Gives employers a brief overview of your work history
  • Defines your specific level of expertise as an employer
  • Introduces the employer to the rest of the resume

Fresh Grads

What you choose to highlight on your resume, said Charles Werth, environmental engineering professor for the University of Texas, depends on the type of environmental position you’re applying for.

“For example, if you’re applying to do industrial wastewater treatment, you’d want to highlight courses you took in which you had exposure to dealing with, designing or monitoring wastewater treatment systems,” said Werth. “You’d also want to highlight any kind of extracurricular activities you participated in that were relevant to that role.”

That could come in the form of an internship, an experience in which you worked in a laboratory with a professor doing some graduate research or anything else similar, said Werth.

Most schools will have special engineering student organizations, so it would definitely be beneficial for graduates to list any affiliations as well as if they held leadership positions.

Werth also suggests that graduates tailor each resume they send out to the specific position and “add what they think adds value and allows the employer to see the value the graduate can bring to the employer.”

Graduates should also include keywords they see in the individual job postings for which they are applying.

“Typically, the questions I get from students are ‘what are the types of jobs environmental engineer graduates can get,’ ‘what kind of classes can I take to get a certain job’ and ‘who are the companies who hire for these types of positions?’”

Getting their resume in the hands of the right people can be a key advantage for graduates.

“When students ask me areas in which companies hire environmental engineers, I look for where we have alumni and look at where they were hired or are working because often times alumni feel more loyalty [to their school] and will hire graduates from that program,” Werth said.

Source : Rigzone